About the Maker

Hi there!

My name is Jamie, and I'm so happy that you're here. Get Clayed started as a hobby when I saw an Instagram ad for a pair of beautiful clay earrings. I thought to myself how easy those earrings looked to make and that I could totally do that, no problem! **insert eye roll** Making pretty clay earrings was anything but easy and after months of burning clay and throwing out batch after batch I started to slowly get better. My earrings weren't perfect but I loved creating them and quickly became addicted. I was so grateful for the creative outlet as I was on maternity leave with my daughter at the time and also chasing after my hyper 3 year old son. It was nice to do something "just for me" even if it was only 30 minutes a day. 

I never planned on starting a side hustle, it just sort of happened. My friends encouraged me to start selling my earrings and I thought "well I have nothing to loose why not?" And so, Get Clayed became a reality. I hope you love my creations as much as I loved creating them for you. Each piece is handcrafted in small batches and is perfectly imperfect. Thank you so much for being here and supporting my small business, it means so much to me!

 Jamie xo